collection of my small tools and patches.


bogofilter + kakasi patch (updated 2006/3/16)
Use bogofilter with kakasi.
zsh EUC-JP patch (updated 2006/5/26)
Enable to handle japanese kanji(EUC-JP) character for zsh.
makefeedmap (updated 2000/1/3)
create netnews feed chart.
accesslog2dulog (updated 1996/8/28)
converts httpd access_log format to styles like du.
tgif2vrml (updated 1995/12/20)
TGIF to VRML converter.
fvwmrcconv (updated 1995/12/20)
converts fvwm 1.XX config file to fvwm 2.0's.

For emacs lisp

semi-nopassphrase.diff (updated 2003/5/16)
use semi+gpg without passphrase. (patch for semi-1.14.5)
gnus-nnmh-request-group-hook.diff (updated 2003/5/16)
Add nnmh-request-group-hook for T-gnus 6.16.3 or later. If you want to use mh-biff with T-gnus, add these lines to your ~/.gnus.el:
    (add-hook 'nnmh-request-group-hook
      '(lambda ()
        (mh-biff-delete-unseen-sequence (format "+%s" group) "all")))

For X680x0(SHARP)

zsh.x (updated 1995/7/29)
zsh 2.5.03 Human68k(X680x0) Porting.

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